Evoking emotion through typography


Evoking emotion through typography

Typography in graphic design can strongly affect how people react to a document. Careful selection and consistent use of a chosen typeface can be just as important as the use of graphics, colour and images in creating and solidifying a professional brand.

Thoughtfully choosing the right font allows you to evoke a particular emotion or fit a certain style. The skillful use of typography commands the attention of your desired audience, communicates a key idea and motivates them to take action. Typography is not just about legibility. It is a blending of art and science and can serve a functional purpose. Every choice a graphic designer makes has an effect, including your choice of fonts.

In order to use typography effectively, you must consider how the use of fonts and styling will influence your audience and convey the appropriate message.

Below we show examples of different type styles and the emotion they can evoke:

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